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Napoleon Gourmet Grills

Napoleon Gourmet GrillsWe offer a full line of quality Napoleon Gourmet grills such as the Mirage, Prestige, Ultra Chef and other built in styles to perfectly compliment your outdoor kitchen. Whether you want to have a small barbeque in the backyard or BBQ for the entire block; Napoleon grills are powerful enough to accommodate all of your needs. Napoleon is known for creating quality gourmet grills that are constructed of the finest quality materials and packed with awesome features which have helped them to quickly become the leader in the built in gourmet grill industry.

We carry the Napoleon Mirage gourmet grill in either a built in style of with a trolley if you prefer. The Napoleon Mirage is a top of the line built in grill that is backed by the top notch Napoleon warranty that ensures that you will receive years of use from your Napoleon grill with no trouble. The body of the Mirage is constructed of Stainless Steel as are the burners and illuminated control knobs. If you are looking for a top of the line Napoleon built in gourmet grill then the Mirage is great choice. Featuring powerful stainless steel burners and ample cooking space you will not be disappointed.

Another great choice for a Napoleon built in gourmet grill is the Prestige. This beautiful and powerful built in style grill allows you to choose between natural gas and propane for your convenience. You are sure to love the heavy duty stainless steel burners on the Prestige as well as the easy to lift roll top lid which allows easy one hand operation of this quality Napoleon gourmet grill. This top quality built in gourmet grill comes in variety of sizes and styles to meet the varying needs of consumers like you.

If you are looking for a Napoleon built in gourmet grill and are on a budget then the Ultra Chef is a great choice. Do not worry, just because this awesome gourmet grill is affordable does not mean that it is lacking in quality; in fact, you won’t find a better grill for the cost. The Ultra Chef features a cast aluminum body which has been powder coated for strength and durability. The powerful stainless steel burners on the Ultra Chef Gourmet grill provide ample power for the extra-large cooking surface.

Napoleon Gourmet Grills